Bedford student wins prestigious scholarship

Here’s a story about the 2012 recipient of the McEuen Scholarship, Emma Archibald.

Bedford student wins prestigious scholarship
Herald News
May 23, 2012

Possibly no dad in Nova Scotia is more excited about visiting his daughter at university than Al Archibald.

Emma Archibald, a graduating student at Charles P. Allen High School in Bedford, has won the McEuen Foundation scholarship and will now attend the University of St.Andrews in Scotland, the school where Kate Middleton and Prince William met while undergraduates.

The scholarship, worth $200,000 over four years, covers tuition and accommodations.

St. Andrews will celebrate its 600th anniversary next year, and even more relevant to Emma’s father, a fanatical golfer, it is just down the road from the Old Course, the most famous golf course in the world.